Types of rooms in hotels. Abbreviation expansion for your affordable travel

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When searching for suitable accommodation, Independent tourists have difficulty in understanding the abbreviations, indicating the types of rooms offered. In fact, these are important symbols for hotel room categories, which allow you to understand for your affordable travel what type the proposed number belongs to. Below is a description of universally accepted abbreviations worldwide, which I hope will be useful to you when you find affordable airfare and hotel, for example for your family holiday.

Room types based on hotel accommodation

Single – one-room for one person. The sleeping accommodation is one. The symbol is SGL.

Double — one-room for two. It can be with one large bed or with two twin beds – double twin. The symbols are DBL, DBL TWN.

Triple – a room for three guests. There are usually two beds in the room and one extra bed, for example a sofa, or a folding bed. The symbol is TRPL.

Extra Bed – the symbol of an extra bed. Basically it occurs in combined variations: DBL + EXB, TRPL + EXB. The symbol is EXB.

Child (Infant) — the symbol of the child. Children under 12 years old in a number of hotels are not provided with additional sleeping accommodation, so you should definitely single out how exactly the chosen hotel provides the accommodation for children of different ages. From the age of 12 the child is usually given an extra bed, as an adult. The symbol is CHD.

Combined accommodation for your affordable travel

Single Rooms (SGL)

Single room for 1 adult with a child — SGL + CHD, single room for 1 adult with 2 children — SGL + 2 CHD.

Double rooms (DBL)

Double room with an extra bed — DBL + EXB, double room for 2 adults with a child up to 12 years old — DBL + CHD, double room for 2 adults and 2 children — DBL + 2 CHD, double room for 3 adults with an extra bed + DBL + EXB + CHD.

Triple Rooms (TRPL)

Triple room for 3 adults with a child — TRPL + 1 CHD, triple room for 3 adults with 2 children — TRPL + 2 CHLD.

Types of rooms in hotels based on the level of comfort

The rooms of the improved Junior Suite category are Junior Suite.

Rooms of improved layout mainly consist of 2 rooms and belong to the category Suite for your affordable travel — Suite.

Superior rooms – De Luxe.

Two-level rooms — duplexes — Duplex.

Family double and triple rooms – Family Room.

One-room category studio with a kitchen — Studio.

Standard single rooms  — Standard.

Bungalow – a detached bungalow houses: Residence, Bungalow, Village, Chalet, Cabana.

Separate self-catering apartments — Apartment.

Rooms for newlyweds are classified as luxury – Honeymoon Room.

Villas are small, luxury, two-storied; often have their own garden and pool: Villa, Villa De Luxe, Junior Villa, and President Villa.
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Types of rooms in hotels based on the view from the window

Rooms overlooking the pool are PV, Pool View

Park – Park View

The sea — SV, Sea View.

the city — CV, City View.

The uplands — MV, Mountain View.

The ocean — OV, Ocean View.

Rooms without a clearly defined type – Run of house. 

So, if you want to find the best airfare and hotel, you should know these abbreviation for sure.

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