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How to book a trip correctly

In order to go and relax for a couple of weeks or more in one of the hot countries or to make a sightseeing tour of Europe, you need to book a trip properly and choose the best travel deals from tour operators, hotels, airlines and other travel providers that suit your budget and quality. In this book, you will get many tips how to plan your holiday by yourself, how to buy airplane ticketsusing airline booking websites and book hotels at reduced prices. You will also learn where are the best hotels in different countries of the world, how to arrange travel insurance independently, how to find unique excursions in this or that country and much other useful information for your peaceful travel.

Any travel is a fascinating and enjoyable process that allows a person to gauge your strength and learn a lot of new things. However, before you book a trip, you should think over a lot of nuances and aspects that are very important for your best travel deals. The primary task in such cases is to make up the itinerary and the timetable. They determine the entire route that you have to travel from one point to another to the final destination. The schedule, in turn, determines the time intervals for which you can stay at certain points on the route. It should also be remembered that in your itinerary all hotels and other important places that you might need for your trip should be listed.

Best travel deals

It is necessary to select hotels of the appropriate quality using the right booking websites, because some places of low quality service are able to spoil the whole impression of the trip. And, of course, travel should be comfortable for your budget. In addition, an important issue is always the visa. You should know for sure if you need a visa to this or that foreign country or not. By providing such details in advance, you can ensure the most effective and enjoyable rest in general.

There are two ways of how to book a trip: The first one is to buy a package tour in a travel company; and the second one is the independent organization of your rest without travel agents’ help. In each of these two ways there are advantages and disadvantages. However, nowadays many tourists are beginning to rely more and more on their knowledge and experience to organize their long-awaited holiday. In such cases it is important to learn about all best travel deals, for example, how to buy tickets, travel packages properly, and find suitable hotels and other travel services that are necessary for your holiday.

This section is a guidebook for tourists in the world of independent travel. It will teach you how to book a trip using the popular booking services around the world correctly. It will also show you what cultural and national aspects of a particular country should be taken into consideration when planning your trip. In addition, the book will tell you how and where you can save much of your budget, and where you should not do it. Moreover, we will discuss in detail all the important issues of how to get visas, travel insurance and other documents necessary for your safe trip. Much more examples how to book a safe, cheap and wonderful trip read in my book «How to travel cheaply and comfortably» on Amazon. You can download it here. 

How to book a trip independently
How to book a trip independently
Cheap travel insurance

How to book cheap travel insurance online

If you have already booked airplane tickets and accomodation, it is high time you confirmed your travel insurance. When you plan a trip, especially if you travel with children or prefer active leisure, it is important to confirm travel insurance in advance. Even cheap travel insurance provides guaranteed medical assistance in case of emergency during your holiday abroad and recovery […]

Affordable travel

Types of rooms in hotels. Abbreviation expansion for your affordable travel

When searching for suitable accommodation, Independent tourists have difficulty in understanding the abbreviations, indicating the types of rooms offered. In fact, these are important symbols for hotel room categories, which allow you to understand for your affordable travel what type the proposed number belongs to. Below is a description of universally accepted abbreviations worldwide, which I hope will be useful […]

Best hotel discounts

How to find best hotel discounts

To find suitable accommodation with the best hotel discounts is an important stage in planning an independent trip and it is recommended to do it simultaneously with the ticket purchase. The guarantee of the excellent rest is an intelligent way of choosing suitable accommodation. If the destination is popular, hundreds of hotels are advertised, from five-star hotels to budget hostels. […]

Book bus tickets online

How to book cheap bus tickets online

Traveling by bus is a guarantee of an interesting, affordable and cognitive holiday. Bus tours are considered to be one of the most eventful, full of impressions, affordable and, as a result, popular type of holiday. During one trip, you can see the sights of several cities at once, and it will almost cost less than the classic guided tour […]

How to buy train tickets online

How to buy train tickets online

Independent planning of a rail journey is a great opportunity to visit practically any European country, because the railway communication system is very well developed in nearly every country. It is important to mention that going into the car, you find yourself in a special world where the most common means of transport is a train. By the way, for […]

Air plane tickes

How to purchase air plane tickets

The process of selecting and booking air plane tickets is not difficult for you. So, if you know some important details, you can easily do it by yourself using popular airline booking websites. Let us discuss it in detail.  You will need elementary skills of surfing the Internet and a valid foreign passport for trips abroad or any of your […]

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