How to book cheap travel insurance online

Cheap travel insurance

If you have already booked airplane tickets and accomodation, it is high time you confirmed your travel insurance. When you plan a trip, especially if you travel with children or prefer active leisure, it is important to confirm travel insurance in advance. Even cheap travel insurance provides guaranteed medical assistance in case of emergency during your holiday abroad and recovery of expenses connected with it.  It also includes the cost of transportation to home if needed. The tourist will have the right to get services provided by the policy insurance program, while staying abroad in the territory specified in the insurance contract. Thus, the traveler has the opportunity to protect himself from unforeseen expenses during the journey, related to emergency medical care, loss of luggage and other accidents specified in the insurance contract.

Where and how to confirm travel insurance

To confirm the travel insurance independently there are some international online services where you can book travel insurance according to your requirements quickly and safely. On these platforms there is an insurance calculator that calculates the cost of the insurance which meet your requirements. These websites will provide you with good travel insurance comparison and they are systems that compare the terms of cheap travel insurance in the largest insurance companies; therefore it allows tourists to choose the best insurance terms for a particular trip in a convenient, understandable and simple way. Travelers need only decide the type of insurance needed, pay in a convenient way, receive all the documents on the e-mail and print them. An electronic insurance is accepted by all visa centers. Such electronic travel insurance has equal legal force, as well as a paper one. It is certified by the facsimile printing and signature.

How to use the travel insurance search form correctly

On the website you should specify the country and dates of the trip, the number of travelers. Then you should choose the necessary additional travel insurance options, such as for sports activities or traveling by car, or if you want to insure your luggage and other personal possessions for the trip. The service will show you offers from different insurance companies. Then you choose an insurance company and pay for its cheap travel insurance. After the payment, you receive an insurance policy by e-mail. The company sends you a text message with the policy number and service phone numbers of the insurance company so that they are always on your hand. The policy will also be kept in your personal account on the website. Just print out the policy and start travelling. So, travel insurance comparison helps you to take care about your health and save a good sum of money.

What to do if an insured event occurs

When an insured event occurs, for example in Thailand, you should call the service of the insurance company using phone numbers specified in the insurance policy or in a text message and register your request. Please remember that the insurance company does not pay for the costs without prior approval. Then the operator gives you all necessary instructions how to get medical treatment or other help in this or that particular country.


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